Create a job growth environment

Real accountability in the spending of our tax dollars

Focus on public safety and protecting our neighborhoods from crime

Improving the quality of life of South OKC

"This area has been great to our family, and I want to give back”

“I think it is important for our city’s leaders to realize the importance of Ward 5,” Greenwell stated. “Not only does this ward host major highways that are vital to our transportation infrastructure, but in OCCC, it is home to our state’s fourth largest higher education facility. This area has a real sense of community, vibrant churches and a resilient family-owned retail sector. As the city moves forward, it is important that these groups – which have provided the background for our city’s success – are not forgotten,” Greenwell continued.

“Our city government is important to us. Because this ward lies in two counties and three school districts, it is the city of Oklahoma City that unifies us. I want to be a powerful voice at the council to make certain the concerns of Ward 5 citizens are heard,” Greenwell stated.

Bringing his experience as an expert accountant and auditor to the City Council is one of the primary goals of David Greenwell.

“With MAPs 3 having been passed, it is now time to move toward making certain the voters get everything that was promised,” Greenwell stated. “I want to be certain our entire city, and Ward 5, benefits from this investment. I believe my accounting and auditing skills will help ensure our area economically benefits from this unprecedented investment.”