Lifelong South OKC Resident Wants to Bring Accountability to City Government
-Courtesy of the Capitol Hill Beacon [February 3, 2011]

David Greenwell, a lifelong resident of South Oklahoma City, today launched his campaign for City Council. A husband, father and civic leader, Greenwell also has more than 30 years accounting and auditing experience. A certified public accountant, Greenwell has been a partner in some of Oklahoma City’s most prestigious accounting firms.

“I think it is important for our city’s leaders to realize the importance of Ward 5,” Greenwell stated. “Not only does this ward host major highways that are vital to our transportation infrastructure, but in OCCC, it is home to our state’s fourth largest higher education facility. This area has a real sense of community, vibrant churches and a resilient family-owned business sector. As the city moves forward, it is important that these groups – which have provided the fundamental ingredients for our city’s success – are not forgotten,” Greenwell continued.
“Our city government is important to us. Because this ward lies in two counties and three school districts, it is the city of Oklahoma City that unifies us. I want to be a powerful voice at the council to make certain the concerns of Ward 5 citizens are heard,” Greenwell stated.

Bringing his experience as an expert accountant and auditor to the City Council is one of the primary goals of David Greenwell.

“With MAPs 3 having been passed, it is now time to move toward making certain the voters get everything that was promised,” Greenwell stated. “I want to be certain our entire city, and Ward 5, benefits from this investment. I believe my accounting and auditing skills will help ensure our area economically benefits from this unprecedented investment.”

Greenwell has been a civic leader in Ward 5 and across the city. David currently serves on the board of directors of the Oklahoma City Community College Foundation, the Oklahoma Metropolitan Library Commission, and is a member of the Oklahoma City Bond Advisory Committee. In addition, he is a past Chairman of the South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, as well as a past Chairman of the South Oklahoma City YMCA. David’s wife of 33 years, Pam, has been an elementary school teacher for 34 years.

A graduate of Capitol Hill High School, David was recently inducted into the Capitol Hill High School Athletic / Activities Hall of Fame for his professional and community achievements. Also unique is that David was among the students who attended Oklahoma City Community College during its opening semester in the fall of 1972. There, David earned his Associates Degree before earning his Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma City University and his MBA from the University of Oklahoma.

“My wife Pam and I were blessed to raise a family here in Ward 5,” Greenwell stated. “And I want to make certain future generations are able to experience the wonderful quality of life we have had here. Simply put, that is why I am running for City Council. This area has been great to our family, and I want to give back,” Greenwell concluded.

Greenwell outlines specific ideas for improving Ward 5’s position in OKC
-Courtesy of the Capitol Hill Beacon [February 10, 2011]

My significant experience as a CPA with all levels of businesses provides me with a unique understanding of the necessary components for our City to continue to grow and take on the various challenges and opportunities in the near future.
Accountability will be one of my major areas of focus. Any commitments that the City makes have to be fulfilled. I am concerned that a lack of confidence by the citizens of Oklahoma City in its leaders will begin to unravel the success that we have worked for these past twenty years.

I never want to have a situation developed where our citizens lose faith in our municipal government like it has at times at the national level, and on a much larger degree, in other parts of the world such as Egypt.

The elected officials of our great city have to work to earn this trust and maintain the confidence of our city’s employees and citizens or we will never be able to match the success that Mayor Norick started twenty years ago.

Ward 5 deserves to be represented at the City Council by someone who has a sincere interest in South Oklahoma City and its citizens.
Specifically, as your next councilman, I will seek to:

• Develop and maintain the confidence and trust of the citizens of Oklahoma City. I will always operate in an open and transparent manner, while maintaining accessibility by the concerned citizens of Ward 5.
• Fight for the infrastructure needs of Ward 5, reminding city leaders that despite our extension into two counties, our voters pay taxes just like the rest of the city and are services should be commiserate with those in other areas of our great city.
• Improve police and firefighter services to all neighborhoods, as protecting life and property should be the top priority of any local government.
• Work towards improved code enforcement to protect against the decay that often develops in older neighborhoods.
• Create jobs in the ward by developing initiatives to assist existing businesses along the I-240 corridor, as well as with other areas of the city such as SW 89th, SW 59th, SW 44th and Commerce Streets.
• Encourage job growth by streamlining approaches to the inspection process for expanding and new businesses to eliminate unnecessary delays caused by burdensome regulations.

Greenwell outlines specific ideas for improving Ward 5’s position in OKC
David Greenwell is a life-long resident of South Oklahoma City. He attended Rancho Village Elementary, Jefferson Jr. High, and Capitol Hill High School. Upon graduating from Capitol Hill, he began college at Oklahoma City Community College, attending the first semester the college was opened. He continued his education at Oklahoma City University, obtaining a bachelor degree in accounting, and an MBA from the University of Oklahoma. David has achieved the professional designation of CPA, Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

While opportunities to move away occurred throughout his professional career, he never believed that the quality of life that he and his family experienced in South Oklahoma City could ever be improved upon. He continues to believe that South Oklahoma City with its unique history, vibrant churches, resilient family-owned businesses and neighborhoods with a genuine sense of community should have a strong voice in the direction and continued development of our great city.